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Public Records Request Responses

As a part of our commitment to public transparency, the State Auditor’s Office makes all public records requests and their responses available to the public. We are only able to produce the records our Office holds, but all records requests and responses from the last six months are posted here. For responses older than six months, please contact us.

PRR#Release DateTitle
5497May 21, 2020Dept. Of Licensing 2018-2020
5504May 21, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5484May 20, 2020Tacoma Community Redevelopment Auth.
5503May 20, 2020Washington State Beef Commission
5502May 13, 2020SAO Policy #3510
5500May 13, 2020DCYF Findings 2019-067
5501May 12, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5499May 1, 2020Secretary of State’s Oath of Office
5496April 28, 2020E. Valley School District #90
5495April 28, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5494April 28, 2020Tahuya Valley Water District
5493April 28, 2020N. County Fire EMS Management Letter
5492April 28, 2020City of Toppenish
5467April 27, 2020Grant County Housing Authority
5491April 27, 2020Skamania Co. EMS/PHD
5490April 24, 2020Loon Lake Sewer District #4
5489April 24, 2020South Kitsap School District
5486April 15, 2020City of Stevenson Management Letters
5487April 15, 2020Records for K636-RFP-1912
5483April 13, 2020Skamania County Management Letters
5482April 13, 2020City of Snoqualmie Budgets
5480March 26, 2020Records for K636-RFP-1912
5478March 26, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5457March 26, 2020UW Fraud
5469March 19, 2020Clark County Hotlines/Frauds
5476March 19, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5475March 19, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5474March 19, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5472March 17, 2020No Responsive Records
5471March 16, 2020LNI Actuarial Reports 2019
5468March 16, 2020LNI Actuarial Reports 2019
5464March 11, 2020Whatcom County Jail
5453March 11, 2020King County FPD #16
5465March 11, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5430March 10, 2020Town of Springdale Fraud
5436March 4, 2020Kitsap Co. FPD #7 Fraud
5463March 4, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5462February 26, 2020SAO Bidding & Procurement Guide
5461February 26, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5451February 26, 2020Hunters Water District
5334February 26, 2020Hotlines/Frauds Within Clark County
5440February 26, 2020Jim Brownell/Cavan Busch Emails
5432February 20, 2020City of Fife
5460February 20, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5435February 19, 2020Walla Walla Community College Fraud
5447February 13, 2020UW Medicine Data Breach
5438February 13, 2020DCYF Fraud
5459February 13, 2020Hotlines/Frauds Within Clark County
5456February 12, 2020Past SAO PRR’s
5455February 12, 2020Past SAO PRR’s
5454February 12, 2020Maggie Lake Water District
5426February 6, 2020Chelan County Fraud
5446January 30, 2020Audit Report Research
5441January 29, 2020 Public Records Log
3059January 29, 2020 King Co. FPD #16 Ethics Complaint
5439January 29, 2020Schedule 20’s 2017-2018
5443January 22, 2020Management letter/Findings/Recommendations
5429January 15, 2020Clark County Hotlines/Frauds
5428January 9, 2020State Auditor Nov-Dec 2019 Travel
5434January 8, 2020Bethel School District #403