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Public Records Request Responses

As a part of our commitment to public transparency, the State Auditor’s Office makes all public records requests and their responses available to the public. We are only able to produce the records our Office holds, but all records requests and responses from the last six months are posted here. For responses older than six months, please contact us.

PRR#Release DateTitle
5631January 27, 2021SAO Policies
5629January 27, 2021City of Tenino
5621January 25, 2021UW Fraud Workpapers
5620January 14, 2021City of Sammamish
5613January 14, 2021Skamania County
5626January 7, 2021Adams County
5624December 30, 2020City of La Center
5623December 30, 2020Liquor and Cannabis Board
5622December 30, 2020Records Not Held By SAO
5612December 17, 2020SAO/ESD Correspondence
(too large to post, email for a copy)
5619December 15, 2020SAO Letter to ESD
5616December 14, 2020SAO Copier Records
5600December 10, 2020Adams County Wkpps
5617December 10, 2020SAO RFI #K645RFI2011
5615December 9, 2020Non SAO Records
5614December 9, 2020Non SAO Records
5597December 9, 2020City of Sammamish
(too large to post, email for a copy)
5606December 4, 2020Grant County PHD #5
5607December 3, 2020SAO Contract Records K636C1912
5611December 3, 2020Hydro Irrigation District #9
5609December 3, 2020Skamania Co. ML
5608December 3, 2020Town of Concrete ML
5603December 3, 2020SAO Contract Invoices
5610November 30, 2020SAO/LeVine (ESD) Emails
5605November 30, 2020Pend Orielle FPD #6
5604November 30, 2020Non SAO Records
5603November 23, 2020SAO Contract Records
5602November 19, 2020Non SAO Records
5601November 18, 2020SAO/LeVine (ESD) Emails
5596November 13, 2020Non SAO Records
5598November 13, 2020Kittitas Co. PUD #1
5599November 10, 2020City of Ferndale Management Letter
5537November 5, 2020Skamania County
5594November 5, 2020Non SAO Records
5593November 5, 2020Non SAO Records
5585November 2, 2020Snohomish Co. FPD#23 Fraud
5589November 2, 2020City of Westport
5580October 28, 2020Olympic ESD #114 Fraud
5588October 28, 2020SAO Contract Proposals
5570October 22, 2020City of La Center
5587October 20, 2020SAO Policies
5586October 20, 2020SAO Contract Information
5584October 19, 2020Skamania County
5582October 14, 2020DOL/SAO Emails
5569October 12, 2020Ocosta SD #172
5565October 7, 2020City of Yelm
5568October 6, 2020DOL Position Descriptions
5577October 5, 2020King County Water District #125
5564October 1, 2020Firearms Background Checks
(too large to post – email for copy)
5574September 30, 2020Fraud F-19-077
5576September 29, 2020Hotline H-19-217
5571September 29, 2020City of Edmonds
5572September 24, 2020Pierce County Housing Authority Fraud
(too large to post – email for copy)
5563September 23, 2020Energy Northwest
(too large to post – email for copy)
5561September 23, 2020Town of Hatton
(too large to post – email for copy)
5567September 18, 2020Counties Schedule 20’s
5566September 18, 2020Non SAO Records
5555September 2, 2020Clark College
5511August 27, 2020Kent School District #415
(too large to post – email for a copy)
5544August 27, 2020Asparagus Commission
5536August 27, 2020Parks & Recreation Commission
5562August 26, 2020PRA Violations – Tahuya