Note X – COVID-19 Pandemic

Significant Changes to Note X – COVID-19 Pandemic

Note X - COVID

Added reporting of federal funding related to the pandemic.

Note X – COVID-19 Pandemic

Governments that continue to experience substantial impacts, either positive or negative, should include this note.

In February 2020, the Governor of the state of Washington declared a state of emergency in response to the spread of COVID-19. Precautionary measures to slow the spread of the virus continued throughout 2021. These measures included limitations on business operations, public events, gatherings, travel, and in-person interactions.

(Include relevant information about actual or potential financial or operational (including the direct and indirect impact) on the government. If actual or anticipated impacts are significant, also describe management’s plans or actions to address the situation, to the extent known. High-level information is sufficient.)

(If the government has significant amounts of federal funding related to the pandemic (e.g., ARPA, CARES funds, etc.) in unearned revenue, the government should further disclose the following): The government reported $______ in (insert federal pandemic funds name) in unearned revenue and anticipates recognizing these funds as revenue within (insert time frame here).