Bonds and Revenue Warrants

3 Accounting

3.4 Liabilities

3.4.3 Bonds and Revenue Warrants One year after the last legal payment date on matured bonds, the treasurer may send a written request to the fiscal agent to return the moneys not used to redeem such matured bonds. A bond call accelerates the maturity and the treasurer has the right to request that moneys be returned after one year. This recovery provision does not apply to matured coupons which remain unredeemed for over one year, unless the bonds to which they are related have also matured. Unredeemed bonds and coupons that remain unclaimed by the owner for more than two years after becoming payable may be considered abandoned (RCW 63.30). The treasurer is required to file a report under RCW 63.30 and pay or deliver all eligible abandoned property, including the unredeemed bonds and coupons referenced above, to the Department of Revenue. The following regulations and procedures are prescribed with respect to the return of the above mentioned moneys.

1. Amounts returned from fiscal agencies at the request of local treasurers should be accounted for in the debt service fund. Concurrent entries should be recorded in the fiscal agency account to reflect the return of the moneys to the debt service fund. If the bonds or coupons are subsequently presented for payment, they should be paid from the moneys so held.

2. The amounts returned from fiscal agencies should not be used to meet current debt service requirements. However, interest earnings on any investments of amounts returned from fiscal agencies will be available to reduce currently required additions to the debt service funds according to the following procedures:

a. In the case of general obligation bonds, such interest earnings should be retained in the debt service funds, and currently required additions to such funds should be reduced accordingly.

b. In the case of revenue bonds, such interest earnings may be retained, thereby reducing currently required additions to such funds from operating revenues, or such interest earnings may be placed into the current or operating fund. The state or local treasurer should remain obligated for the final redemption of the unredeemed bonds and coupons pursuant to RCW 43.80.160.