Issuance of Duplicate Instruments

3 Accounting

3.4 Liabilities

3.4.5 Issuance of Duplicate Instruments [1] Before a duplicate instrument is issued, the issuing officer should require the person making application for its issue to file in his/her office a written affidavit specifically alleging on oath that he/she is the proper owner, payee, or legal representative of such owner or payee of the original instrument, giving the date of issue, the number, amount, and for what services or claim or purpose the original instrument or series of instruments of which it is a part was issued, and that the same has been lost or destroyed, and has not been paid or received by him/her. The following is a sample for use by all political subdivisions.


[1] Lost or destroyed evidence of indebtedness issued by local governments: RCWs 39.72.010, 39.72.020

Lost or destroyed evidence of indebtedness issued by state or state agencies: RCWs 43.08.06443.08.06643.08.068

[2] City/county/district may require the affidavit to be signed by a notary public.