Note X – Construction and Other Significant Commitments

Note X – Construction and Other Significant Commitments [1]

A. Construction Commitments

The (city/county/district) has active construction projects as of December 31, 20__. The projects include:

At year-end the (city/county/district’s) commitments with contractors are as follows: [2]


Spent to Date

Remaining Commitment







(Of the committed balance of $__________ the (city/county/district) will be required to raise $__________ in future financing.)

B. Other Commitments [3]

Instructions to preparer:

[1] Commitments are existing arrangements to enter into future purchases at specified prices and sometimes at specified quantities.

[2] Describe the financing arrangements for each project.

[3] Disclose significant encumbrances by major funds and nonmajor funds in aggregate. The city/county/district may disclose further breakdown of encumbrances into various fund balance classifications (i.e., restricted, committed, etc.).

Disclose any other commitments like purchase (e.g., power, etc.) orders, etc.