Note X – Interfund Balances and Transfers

Note X – Interfund Balances and Transfers

A. Interfund Balances [1]

Interfund balances at December 31, 20__ were as follows:


B. Interfund Transfers [2]

Interfund transfers at December 31, 20__ were as follows:


Instructions to preparer:

List all major funds (governmental and enterprise). List other funds (non-major governmental, non-major enterprise, internal service funds and fiduciary fund type) in aggregate for each category. Some of these transfers may be immaterial so aggregate them into a single column or row titled All Others.

[1] Also, explain the purpose for the interfund balance and disclose which interfund balances are not expected to be repaid within one year from the date of financial statements.

[2] Provide a general description of the principal purpose of the government’s interfund transfers. Provide a detail description of the purpose for significant transfers. A transfer is considered significant if it meets either or both of the following criteria:

  1. Does not occur on a routine basis, and/or

  2. It is inconsistent with the activities of the fund making the transfer.