4 Reporting

4.1 Reporting Principles and Requirements

4.1.3 Certification


Every annual report must be certified per RCW 43.09.230. If the local government uses the Online annual reporting system, the certification is built into the filing process.

Official name
Enter the official name of the government. If the government operates under a DBA this should also be listed. For example: Thurston County Fire Protection District No. 5, doing business as Black Lake Fire Department.

The MCAG is a unique identifying number assigned by the State Auditor’s Office to each local government. This number can be found on SAO’s website page, BARS Reporting Templates. If you are not sure of the government’s assigned MCAG number, please use the SAO HelpDesk through our Online Services.

Fiscal year ended
Enter the date (day, month and year) of the end of the 12 month period covered by the annual report. For example, most local governments close their books and report on a calendar year and would report December 31, 2018, for their 2018 annual report.

Official address
Enter the legal business address of the government.

Official website
Enter the official website of the government. If the government does not have a website, then enter none.

Audit contact or preparer information
Enter the name and position of the person the State Auditor’s Office should contact with any questions regarding the annual report. Enter the phone number or numbers where our Office can reach the contact person during regular business hours to discuss the annual report. Also, enter the email address where our Office can communicate with the contact person. If there is no email address for this person, then enter none.

Annual reports are required to be certified by RCW 43.09.230. The certification should be made by the person preparing the annual report. Certifications do not alter or add to the fundamental responsibilities of employees or officials. Rather, they acknowledge and attest to management’s existing responsibilities for accurate reporting. We understand that representations made are not a guarantee, but rather constitute a good faith statement to the best of your knowledge and belief. Although the Office prescribes the language of the certification, the representations are yours. If you are not sure about the meaning of the certification or feel that you cannot certify the annual report in good faith, please contact the SAO HelpDesk.



(Official Name of Government)


Submitted pursuant to RCW 43.09.230 to the Washington State Auditor’s Office

For the Fiscal Year Ended _______________, 20__


Official Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________

Official Website Address ______________________________________________________________

Official E-mail Address _______________________________________________________________

Official Phone Number _______________________________________________________________


Audit Contact or Preparer Name and Title _______________________________________________

Contact Phone Number _____________________________________________________________

Contact E-mail Address _____________________________________________________________

I certify ______ day of ______________, 20__, that annual report information is complete, accurate and in conformity with the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting Systems Manual, to the best of my knowledge and belief, having reviewed this information and taken all appropriate steps in order to provide such certification. I acknowledge and understand our responsibility for the design and implementation of controls to ensure accurate financial reporting, comply with applicable laws and safeguard public resources, including controls to prevent and detect fraud. Finally, I acknowledge and understand our responsibility for immediately submitting corrected annual report information if any errors or an omission in such information is subsequently identified.

Audit Contact or Preparer Signature: ____________________________________________________