Note X – Pension and/or OPEB Plans - Nongovernmental Plans

Note X – Pension and/or OPEB Plans - Nongovernmental Plans (Pensions and/or OPEB Provided Through Certain Multiple-Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans)

Instructions to preparer:

Note that this guidance applies only to defined benefit plans; not defined contribution plans. See also, Note X – Pension and/or OPEB Plans - Defined Contribution.

Note Disclosures (GASB Statement 78, paragraph 8 and GASB Statement 85, paragraph 23):

a. Name of each pension and/or OPEB plan, identification of the entity that administers the plan, and identification of the plan as a cost-sharing plan.

(1) is not a state or local governmental pension plan
(2) is used to provide defined benefit pensions to both state/local government employees and non-state/local government employees
(3) has no predominate state/local governmental employer (either individually or collectively)

b. Whether the pension and/or OPEB plan issues a publicly available financial report and, if so, how to obtain the report.

c. A brief description of the benefit terms, including:

(1) The number of the government’s employees covered,
(2) The types of benefits provided,
(3) The authority under which benefit terms are established or may be amended.

d. A brief description of contribution requirements, including:

(1) The basis for determining the employer’s contributions to the plan (for example, pursuant to a collective-bargaining agreement),
(2) Identification of the authority under which contribution requirements of the employer and its employees are established or may be amended,
(3) The required contribution rates of the employer and its employees for the reporting period,
(4) The amount, in dollars, of the employer’s required contributions for the reporting period,
(5) The expiration date(s) of the collective-bargaining agreement(s) requiring contributions to the plan, if any,
(6) A description of any minimum contributions required for future periods by the collective-bargaining agreement(s), statutory obligations, or other contractual obligations, if applicable,
(7) Whether the employer is subject to any provisions regarding withdrawal from the plan.

e. The following information about the employer’s payables, if any:

(1) If not otherwise identifiable, the balance of payables,
(2) Significant terms related to the payables,
(3) A description of what gave rise to the payables (for example, required contributions to the plan or a contractual arrangement for contributions to the plan related to past service upon entrance into the arrangement).

Required Supplementary Information

See RSI Requirements at RSI Pension Plan Information.

See RSI requirements at RSI Other Postemployment Benefit (OPEB) Plan Schedules.